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Midway Enterprises – CPWL Balance MitAgator Risk Maps.

Balance MitAgator Risk Maps provide a valuable tool for farms within the Selwyn Te Waihora catchment, offering insights into each property’s strengths and weaknesses regarding the impact of contaminants on water quality.

The identified contaminants include Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sediment, and E.coli, crucial factors affecting the health of waterways in the area.


By utilising grants from the Central Plains Water Limited Environmental Management Fund (EMF), shareholders gain access to Balance MitAgator Risk Maps. These maps enable landowners to create comprehensive strategies tailored to their farm, especially in higher risk areas within the catchment. This collaborative effort airs to foster a more sustainable farm environment by enabling informed decision making and visualising mitigation plans for waterways and high risk zones.

By pinpointing areas of concern and facilitating targeted mitigation efforts, farms can minimise the release of contaminants into water systems. This reduction not only preserves the health of local ecosystems but also enhances the overall sustainability of agricultural practices within the catchment, translating into tangible benefits for both landowners and the wider community such as the preservation of water quality in the Selwyn Te Waihora catchment.