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The Canterbury Plains are recognised for their environmental, recreational, and cultural significance. Our catchment-based approach to environmental stewardship fosters a shared understanding that enables continually improving on-farm practices opening a pathway toward a more sustainable future.

Our environmental aspirations.

Climate Action

Climate action through lower impact, smarter agriculture.

Managed Land

Sustainably managed land, water and prosperous biodiversity.

Mountains to sea

Mountains to the sea ki atu ki tai – influencing a connected and healthy environment.

Key environmental activity.

We raise the bar by driving continuous climate resilience and good management practices to deliver environmental benefits and enhancements across the catchment, while delivering on Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) outcomes.

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Key Environmental Activity

Ki uta ki tai – from the mountains to the sea.

We understand the importance of environmental protection and are recognised as leading kaitiaki of our environment, creating a healthy ecosystem with biodiversity restored – ki uta ki tai – from the mountains to the sea.

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Harnessing nature, preserving our environment

On-farm sustainability.

All CPWL shareholders have an independently audited Farm Environment Plan (FEP) delivering widespread environmental benefits. 94% of farms receive an A or B grade audit on their FEP in 2023.

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Farm Environment Plans

Environmental Management Fund.

Delivering long-term environmental impact through the Central Plains Environmental Management Fund (EMF). Native birds are returning to the foothills and riverbeds across the catchment, signalled by the sound of birdsong.

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Environmental Management Fund

Supporting wildlife.

CPWL is committed to ensuring that the unique flora and fauna of the Canterbury Plains region is restored and protected, so that it can flourish today, tomorrow and for the long term.

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Supporting Wildlife