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What happens if I breach compliance?

Every shareholder has a Water Use agreement. A breach of our consent is a default under the water use agreement; it can result in CPWL terminating supply or following other remedies. It is critical for all water users to understand what they are entitled to, including correct flow rates and/or turn-off times.

What do new farm workers need to know?

It is important that all farm workers knowledge up and be trained in all aspects of ordering water, operation, and maintenance so they are aware of the correct scheduling and operation of irrigation equipment – well in advance of the season commencing.

Please note: For farms with multiple farm managers, CPWL provide group training on farms on request. Please call (03) 928 2960 #1.

Has my order been restricted?

If CPWL are on restriction and you are not allocated your full ordered amount of water, you will receive a text message to advise you of this. You can also view your allocation in the Customer Online Water Ordering Portal under ‘ORDERS’ and ‘OPERATING ORDERS’.

What will the restriction percentage be?

This depends on multiple factors, including scheme-wide demand versus available run-of-river water. CPWL will only know the percentage restriction after 5:00 p.m. when the total scheme demand is confirmed, and the allocation/rationing process is complete.

Can I get more training?

The CPWL Operations team are here to assist with all training on any aspect of the scheme. If you do not understand how to order water or would like further explanation of how stored water is managed and charged. Pre-season training sessions are held in July, August and September; however, we are always happy to help with training any time of the year if you require it.

Please call (03) 928 2960 #1

How do I set up a new farm operator?

Please email operations@cpwl.co.nz with the following information:

  • Name of new operator (first and last names)
  • Contact number (cell phone is preferable to ensure they can receive the text notifications)
  • Email address
  • Turnout number/s they will need access to

Please note: the shareholders must authorise this request.

How do I place an order for water?

All Stage 1 and 2 water users must place a water order by 5:00 p.m. the day before they need water.

If you are in the Sheffield Water Scheme, you do not currently need to place water orders; you can view your current stored water balance.

Order water

Is there a deadline for water orders?

Water is allocated for each irrigation day by 5:00 p.m. daily. Water orders must be placed BEFORE 5:00 p.m. to ensure allocation.

Can I modify or cancel a water order once it's placed?

You can cancel any ‘future orders’ but not ‘operating orders’ using the customer online portal. Please call (03) 928 2960 #1 for assistance.

Can I place a late water order?

Water cannot be ordered after 5 p.m. for next-day delivery.

What if I have a breakdown during the irrigation day?

If you have a breakdown during the irrigation day that limits your ability to take the water you have ordered, then please (03) 928 2960 #1

What are the options for stored water?
  • Option 1. Full guarantee
    If you need all the water you’ve ordered (e.g., 15 litres/second), choose 100% stored water. This ensures access to your full order, using available river water first and topping up with stored water if needed.
  • Option 2. Partial Guarantee
    If you only need a portion of your order guaranteed (e.g., 6 litres/second out of 15), calculate the percentage (e.g., 6/15 = 40%) and order that percentage of stored water. This guarantees the specified amount even if the full order is available from the river.
  • Option 3: No Stored Water
    If you want to rely solely on river water and not use stored water, choose 0% stored water. After 5 pm rationing, you’ll be allocated only the available river water up to your ordered amount of 15 litres/second.

Note that in most cases you should order the flow rate you require and choose 100% stored water. Even if the flow rate you order is less than your maximum contracted flow rate, the amount of water you are allocated from the available water on the day will be based off your maximum flow rate.

Where can I find information about my stored water?

Information about your stored water quantity and usage is available on the Customer Online Portal, under the ‘Usage’ section. For detailed instructions, refer to the ‘Daily Flow Rate and Volume Reports’ in the ‘Training and Documents’ section.

How are water use charges invoiced?

Monthly Water Use Charges are invoiced on the 1st of each month and are due on the 20th of the same month, each month of the year. Contracted Stored Water charges are charged in equal instalments between October and April. Additional Stored Water charges are applied one month in arrears, based on your Additional Water Usage, meaning April Additional Water Usage will be invoiced in May.

Why do I need a farm environmental plan (FEP)?

CPWL’s consents require an FEP to be in place before CPWL supplies water. CPWL has implemented FEPs for all Shareholders to ensure that farmers carry out good management practices. This, in turn, helps recognise on-farm environmental risks while improving biodiversity and minimising effects on water quality.

What are the key environmental considerations for farms?

FEPs are the prescribed tool required to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous losses resulting from farming activities to allow water quality to improve over time. CPWL has a significant responsibility to ensure water quality goals are achieved and to develop processes and systems to ensure that CPWL can manage and monitor results.

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The emergency number is operated by Answer Services (NZ) and is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls will be answered, details of the emergency will be taken, and your call will then be patched through to the on-call CPWL Maintenance Technician for initial response and, if necessary, escalation and response via the CPWL Emergency Response Plans and Dam Safety Management Plans.

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