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Water stewardship.

Reliable water delivery.

Our commitment to water stewardship is founded by our core values, license to operate and is embedded in our delivery as a corporate citizen. With our team’s leadership, technical knowledge and consideration of our place in nature, Central Water Plains Water Limited (CPWL) has made considerable progress in protecting and restoring water sources in the areas of:

  • ground and surface water
  • groundwater recharge
  • best practice agriculture

Ground and surface water.

Our groundwater environment is an interconnected system sustaining ecosystems, agriculture and communities across the catchment. However, as a result of increased demand for water for agriculture, an absence of enforceable limits and long-duration consents, over-extraction of groundwater has become a considerable issue.

CPWL has delivered a solution to this issue by providing an alternative source of water by switching off groundwater extraction and permanently converting irrigators to low-nutrient alpine-sourced surface water. This has allowed aquifers to recharge and improve the natural water flow and quality of water in the streams that feed Lake Ellesmere Te Waihora and the Selwyn River. It is this reduction of groundwater usage that has ensured the sustainability of water resources, while restoring and preserving the ecological balance.

Groundwater recharge.

The benefits of leaving groundwater in the aquifer stretch well beyond improving water quality. It helps to support the integrity of riparian planting, reduces the risk of land subsidence and strengthens the resilience of ecosystems against climate change and shifting environmental conditions.

Through the prioritisation of groundwater preservation in aquifers, we safeguard the long-term sustainability of water supply for future generations.

Our awa.

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Best practice agriculture.

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Water in our communities.

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