Central Plains Water Ltd Central Plains Water Ltd


Water is a precious taonga that shapes our environment, gives us life and contributes to the beauty of our region. Our connection with water is part of what makes Canterbury a special place. Providing water surety to our shareholders, while protecting its life-sustaining capacity, is at the heart of Central Water Plains Water Limited (CPWL) operating philosophy.

Our awa.

We’re positively enhancing our rivers’ cultural, environmental and recreational values.

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Water stewardship.

Our commitment to water stewardship is founded by our core values, license to operate and is embedded in our delivery as a corporate citizen.

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Water in our communities

We’re creating a positive social impact across the catchment through the reliable delivery of water.

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Best practice agriculture.

CPWL manage 71,000 hectares of farmland through FEPs, giving a unique opportunity to enhance ecological health at a meaningful scale.

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