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Water in our communities.

Water in our communities.

The operations of Central Plains Water Limited have had a profound impact on the wider Canterbury economy, with flow-on effects rippling throughout the regions industries, businesses and employees. As of 2022 CPWL and its shareholders operating within the Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme, have contributed a total of $340 million to the Canterbury GDP and 2,135 full-time jobs in Canterbury*

*Figures from the CPWL Business and Economic Research Limited Report.


Our place.

Between 2016 and 2023 CPWL has contributed over $1.63 million to enhance catchment biodiversity, including native tree planting, wetland protection and research. Providing corridors for native flora and fauna to thrive and travel, we intend to minimise the distance between these pockets from the mountains to the sea – ki uta ki tai.

Our impact

20 Turnout Fire Hydrants.

The provision of water is critical for firefighting. Across the scheme 20 CPWL Turnout Fire Hydrants fitted with the approved connections for rapid refilling for firefighting trucks.

A reliable delivery of water has made possible a myriad of opportunities, including hydrating vegetation across the traditionally dry Canterbury Plains. Since shareholders have begun irrigating, the social impact has been exponential with a 53% reduction in vegetation fires.

Improved resilience from fire

Rural fires pose a greater risk in the future with drier and windier conditions, however since CPWL shareholders have begun irrigating across the Canterbury Plains, the number of vegetation fires has dropped by 53%.

In addition to this 20 CPWL Turnout Fire Hydrants are strategically located across the scheme, to assist Fire and Emergency New Zealand with firefighting in the region. Each turnout is fitted with approved fire hydrant connections, ensuring rapid refilling for fire-fighting trucks.

Impact map

Living laboratory Greendale School.

As part of the Living Laboratory conducted through Enviroschools, students from Greendale School have adopted the ‘Near River Recharge’ project plating an abundant native forest. Principal Bronwyn Harding says “it is a wonderfully rich, real life learning opportunity for Tamariki, where kiatiakitanga is explored and an understanding of the importance of biodiversity is obtained.”

CPWL are proud to be assisting Greendale School through the Environmental Education Grant.

Near River Recharge

Connected to a common cause.

The CPWL Environmental Education Grant Fund was established to support and promote environmental education initiatives in local schools within the Selwyn Waihora area. For students at Hororata Primary School, the CPWL Environmental Education Grant Fund has made possible a myriad of opportunities including the incorporation of conservation and biodiversity into the school curriculum.

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