Land & Legal

Our in-house Land and Legal team are responsible for ensuring legal compliance across all aspects of the CPWL business activities.

Legal Services

The legal team provides inhouse services to the CPWL business and the Board of Directors. Legal services include the preparation of legal documents, reviewing contract or supplier terms and conditions, assisting with consent compliance, preparation and review of construction contracts and procurement documents.

Land Access

The legal team works with Landowners to negotiate land access requirements for the scheme. This work includes land access negotiations, contracts, and ensuring survey easements are lodged and other legal requirements are met.

Share Sales

Any requests for access to CPWL water or Share Sales are handled by the Legal Team initially. Once a request for more water is received, this will be assessed by the finance, legal, engineering, environmental and operations teams before final approval is granted. The legal team lead this process from initial enquiry through to completion of the transaction.

Available Capacity

At this time, not all of the available water delivery shares have been sold. If you are wanting to access CPWL water for your farm, please contact us. The percentage of total available shares sold in each scheme stage is provided below.

Stage 1 96%
Stage 2 87%
Sheffield Scheme100%

Are you interested in buying CPWL Shares, or do you need help with your shareholding?

Our Land and Legal Team are happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

Accessing Water and Farm Sales