Photo Gallery

Below are photos of the operation and construction of the Central Plains Water Scheme and its various scheme stages.

The completed Rakaia River Intake Gates, ready for wet commissioning

Stage 1 Pump Stations

Intake River Diversion Channel Construction

Pipe Transport

Laying HDPE Pipeline

A Mainline Pressure Reducing Station

Stage 1 Pump Station

Stage 1 Pump Station Construction

Pump Station Construction

HDPE Pipe Welding

HDPE Pipe Welding

Transport of HDPE Pipe

Headrace Canal Construction

A completed on-farm Turnout

Installation of the GRP Pipeline

Canal Offtake 5

Stage 2 Main Line Isolation Valve

GRP Pipeline Installation

Stage 2 GRP Pipeline Construction Corridor

GRP Pipeline Installation

A weekly dam safety inspection at the Sheffield Storage Pond

The completed Sheffield Intake and Pump Station

The Sheffield Intake fish barrier

Technical Inspections

The Sheffield Storage Pond under construction

Installation of the main Sheffield HDPE Pipeline

Sheffield Intake Fish Barrier Monitoring

Sheffield Pond Inlet Construction

Sheffield Pond Inlet Pipe Construction Under Railway

Sheffield Pond Construction Showing the HDPE Liner

The Sheffield Storage Pond Partially Filled

Regular Preventative Maintenance

Rakaia Intake Stilling Pond

Protecting Our Intake Assets

Headrace Control Gate

River Intake Diversion

Dam Safety Insepctions

River Protection Maintenance

Rakaia River Sedimentation Pond

Rakaia Headrace Canal Pipe Bridge

Rakaia Headrace Canal Pump Station

Central Plains Water Scheme Construction Monument

Dam Safety Training

Pressure Reducing Station

Preventative Maintenance on Pressure Reducing Valves

The headrace canal looking towards the Rakaia River

Headrace Canal