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Land use: Leased for dairy grazing

Supported with funding from Central Plains Water Environmental Management (EMF) Fund Te Ara Kākāriki (TAK) began planting in 2016 and finished in 2019. A total of 5688 seedlings were planted with TAK volunteers and ongoing event support from EMF. The landowner funded a further 4000 plants with friends and family doing the remainder of the planting, expanding this Greendot to cover an area of 2 hectares.


This area is close to two natural native remnants: Lords Bush and Kowai Bush which are the some of the last remaining forest beech podocarp forest in the area. Planting near them adds a valuable stepping stone for birds coming down from the Canterbury Foothills to the plains where many native birds are uncommon. The planting also replaced weeds such as blackberry, broom and gorse which are almost completely suppressed.