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Cookson Land Company

Plant mixed species shelter and amenity tree/shrubs block under pivots on a newly irrigated farm within Stage 1 of CPW.

These plantings replace exotic trees removed to enable irrigation. Planting will introduce shelter and provide a sustainable food source for native birds and a stepping-stone to other patches of native vegetation. This strategy ensures a greater seedling survival, while providing a living, breathing community classroom for local schools.


Short term.

  • 4800 plants planted; 1475 seedlings planted through EMF Fund
  • Increase in the diversity of the landscape
  • Increases in Terrestrial fauna, such as lizards and insects

Longer term.

  • Established patch of native podocarp forest that is large enough to be functional
  • Established a functional seed source for plant species endemic to the Canterbury Plains
  • Plentiful source of food for native birds and a stepping stone through to other patches of native vegetation
  • Abundance of native bird species returning to the farm
  • Increase mahinga kai values