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Waterford Dairy Farm Limited.

The owners of Waterford farm have set about native regeneration to protect and care for their land and waterways.

With the farm between the Selwyn and Hororata River, planting native species along the river has brought significant benefits. While there were initial challenges, the benefits are extending well beyond the provision of shelter for stock. The plantings have also enhanced biodiversity with insects, bees, lizards, frogs, and bird life flourishing. The corridor is now home to pukeko, quail, pheasant, and fantails among other species. The hope is for tui, bellbirds, and other endangered/rare species to eventually return.

The waterways are protected by buffers and fencing, further enhancing mahinga kai. On the farm boundary, Bealey Creek feeds into the Hororata River and is home to a Kōwaro Canterbury mudfish sanctuary.

The installation of an electric trout barrier on the Hororata River, provided by Environment Canterbury, enables Kōwaro Canterbury mudfish numbers to replenish by minimising predation from opportunistic trout.


Short term.

  • 20,000 native seedlings plants planted
  • Strategic areas are retired and fenced
  • Increased vegetation diversity and aquatic plants, such as watercress
  • Reduced sedimentation and aquatic weeds in farm waterways
  • Endangered/rare species such as Bellbirds and Banded Dotterel and Kōwaro are flourishing

Longer term.

  • Leveraged ecosystem services to improve surface water quality, e.g., natural filtration of contaminants, de-nitrification, and soil stabilisation
  • Sustainable food source for native birds and a stepping-stone to other patches of native vegetation well established
  • CPWL EMF planting allocated to further enhance biodiversity