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Pippa and Henry Deans.

Greendot Program

Land use: Grazing cattle and forestry

With funding from Central Plains Water Environmental Management Fund (EMF) Te Ara Kākāriki (TAK) were able to plant this site that was previously covered in gorse and other exotic weeds.

The landowner spent a considerable amount of time removing gorse and weeds so the project could be planted in 2023. TAK planted 500 plants / 1000m2 with volunteers at the top of steep bank and some plants along the waterway below. The plan is to plant the face of the bank right down to the waterway.


This native planting enhances a marginal piece of farmland, improving biodiversity in an area lacking in indigenous habitat. As it is beside a stream that runs directly into the Wainiwaniwa River the planting reduces sediment and toxins from entering the water and will create a shaded habitat for native fish and invertebrate to breed. In a few years the planting will form a canopy preventing any leftover gorse seeds from germinating while providing a great food source for native bird species.