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Van der Salm Farming.

Farm System: Dairy
Farm Audit: A

Native planting of a significant site along a waterway on the property. The land has been fenced off and retried, with average to good soils for successful plant growth. Planted in three stages, using the right tree, right space, and right time methodology, it is expected that the carefully selected native plants will have reached closed campy by year five to seven, to help native birds return and connect us with nature.


Short term.

  • Improved water quality within the catchment by fencing off the stream from stock
  • Habitat for instream and terrestrial species, such as fish, eel’s waterfowl, birds, and lizards are created
  • Creation of a carbon sink, to help increase the long-term sustainability of the farming enterprise

Longer term.

  • The plantings play their part in providing a wildlife corridor that links the mountains to the sea, giving habitats for native fauna to maneuver around under the safety of the provided canopy
  • Streamside vegetation to provide cover for spawning fish, food, and a habitat for nesting and juvenile birds.
  • Mahinga kai value of natural resources are improved