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Waikirikiri Farm.

On the banks of the Selwyn River lies Waikirikiri Farm. Master planned from day one, the owners have sought to develop a farming system that complements the environment, people, and animals.

Waikirikiri derives its name from the Selwyn River and is a place where transformation is taking place through the careful planting of indigenous trees, where native wildlife communities can flourish, and a place that has become a popular walking destination for locals – this is a place where looking after the land is a top priority – and this was the case before the first tree was planted.

Having a master plan in place provides a roadmap for this generation of farmers but can evolve according to each generation’s needs and management plan. Its aim is simple – to improve environmental sustainability through a whole environment approach, changing the narrative and bringing the recognition the farming community deserves.

By working to a master plan and keeping the outcomes of the plan front and center – staff and management have become early adopters of stronger environmental norms, understanding sustainable farming is interwoven with the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and economic factors, and are increasingly focused on improving the farm’s financial, environmental, and animal health performance. They continue to fine tune and change a little bit here and a little bit there – always driving on farm impacts to an even higher level.

With a respect for nature, they are driven to provide healthy food for today and future generations with no compromise to the planet. Wakirikiri Farm treat enhancing the water quality of the Selwyn River as a key priority delivering an open farm environment to close the gap between urban and rural by providing access for city school children to gain a hands-on understanding about the many aspects of dairy farming, including animal welfare.

The Waikirikiri Farm enhancement project has been made possible through funding from the Central Plains Environmental Management Fund (EMF). The big-picture thinking, drive, and determination to rewrite the rule book of sustainable Dairy Farming, by owners Angela and Steve ticks all the boxes of best practice.



Short term.

  • Waikirikiri farm roadside has become a popular walking spot for locals
  • 8000 Natives planted to further enhance and mitigate water quality risks protecting and enhancing the water quality of the Selwyn River
  • Native plantings along every second fence line across the farm providing bird and bee friendly habitat and shelter
  • Minimised walking distance for cows – and a happier environment for them

Longer term.

  • On-farm education for urban school children underway
  • Property has been systematically transformed to showcase industry best practice
  • Native plantings offer stepping stones and corridors for many species of birds to travel from the mountains to the sea, including a flight path for white heroin’s regular migration
  • Lighter footprint on the land with carbon sequestration, to balance emissions
  • Park like farm system – good for mental health of workers and animals